Little snag in my visit to OKC


Hey, Boys and girls. I wanted to brag on a little company in OKC that really got me out of a pickle when I was in town visiting a friend. I was watching the weather and thought, man I hope it doesn’ t get too crazy and the rental car I am in gets damaged by the storm. Well have way into my lunch it starts pouring rain and then the litlle Hail started to fall. Nothing too crazy then Bam! Here comes bigger hailstones and bigger! I thought, Oh NO! I’m screwed. So after the storm calmed sown I was like a sad puppy dog. I just knew the car was destroyed. So I went to the car wash and cleaned the rental off and saw a ton of little dents all over this car that wasn’t even mine. I decided I better get my insurance involved and get this fixed before I have to return it and get dinged again!  So I google searched ” Dent Repair OKC ” and came across a great place that was able to get me right in and assess the damage. Luckily It wasn’t that bad and they said that my deductible wouldn’t even cover the damages. So I was offered a free rental car and a great price to get the dents out. They had it ready in what I thought was a hell of a great time especially since I was leaving in two days. I went to pick it up after a few hours and It was insane. Like it never happened and they cleaned it up inside and out. Unbelievable customer service and great repairs as well. If you’re ever in OKC and get caught in a hail storm. Call these guys and they will get you taken care of. Now I’m off to get a tire fixed. Wah Wah…



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