The top three destinations that you need to travel to

Mexico, Mauritius or Europe? Where should your next travel takes you? There are such a large variety of destinations that you can visit with your next trip, that it can be hard to decide where you should be going. One thing that might assist you with your decision of your next destination, is to know the top three destinations that you need to travel to, before you die. If you haven’t gone to one of these three places, you should consider it seriously.


Okay, Canada might be one of the coldest places you can visit on earth, but if you are looking for a place that has the most beautiful nature scenes and where you can find peace and quiet from the noise of the bigger cities, then Canada should be your number one choice.

If you don’t like the cold weather, you should just plan the trip so that you visit Canada during their summer time. Then, you will be able to see real beauty. There are many places on earth that are beautiful and where you can be close to your Maker. However, you will not find a better and more beautiful place than Canada.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne city in Australia offers the tourist everything they ever could dream about. They are offering great historical buildings that you can visit, some great nature walks and great adventures for those who like an adventurous vacation.

Not many people will see Melbourne as the number two destinations in the world that you should visit, however, if you have been there before, you will understand. There is not another city that comes close to Melbourne. Especially, for the tourist. And, the best thing about this city is its great weather. You will not need to worry about getting cold. This is why most people are going to Melbourne on vacation. They will always have great weather. If you want to have a vacation that offers you everything, then Melbourne should be on your checklist of places to visit before you die. You will not regret it.

Nepal, Asia

Most people do know Nepal in Asia as the number one winter destination to go to. There are many different ski options to choose from, and you will have a vacation that you and your family will never forget.

However, there are some great reasons why you should consider going to Nepal during the summer time as well. There are more to Nepal than just skiing. There are some great historical buildings that you can visit, game reserves and even some great shopping. Don’t just put Nepal on your checklist for places to go during winter time. You will be surprised on how great it is during summer time as well.

If you are considering to travel a lot, you need to make sure that these three destination is the place that you should visit at least once in your life. You will not regret it. Canada is a great place with extremely beautiful nature scenes. Melbourne is offering you everything that a city possibly can offer any tourist and Nepal is a ski dream destination, but also a special place during the summer. Forget the popular destinations that everyone is going to. Sometimes you should visit places that you never thought are destinations that are on top of the tourist’s lists of traveling to.

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